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The Audere Talent Corona  Challenge Festival 2021

Welcome to The Audere Talent Corona Challenge Festival webpages.


Before viewing the entries, it's important that you're aware that each entry had to abide by a set criteria which included all of the following:

1.  Each project should last no more than 15 minutes. Anything submitted that exceeds the 15 minutes allowance will be ineligible for voting and will not be included in any other subsequent Audere showcase or festival.

2.  All participants must have equal 'on-camera' exposure (give or take 10 seconds).  Voice-over is considered as exposure provided it is relevant to the character.

 Each project must contain ALL of the following:

a) One reference to Donald Trump.

The reference need not be explicit (i.e. a background picture will suffice).

b) One character 4th wall glance.

One character at an appropriate time, will acknowledge the audience via a glance (but must not speak directly to the audience). Only one character can do this in the entire production and may only do so, once.

c) The explicit use of a chosen prop in plain sight.  

The prop must be handled and passed from once character to another, at least once. The prop must be a bucket

d) The explicit use of a spoken piece of dialogue

One character must use the line, "You wouldn't want that in your eye."

See if you can spot them!



All entries were also subjected to the standard rules on social distancing and COVID safety measures, therefore, for the most part, characters were filmed in isolation in various places around the UK unless the performers were already in an isolation bubble.


All clients that are represented by Audere Talent Management were invited to take part in the Audere Talent Corona Challenge Festival at the time of entry. Additionally, all artists were allowed to invite one person outside of the Agency to take part.  We are aware of the lack of wider ethnic and cultural diversity being represented in this event which in no way reflects our approach, management nor attitude towards our responsibility to be decent and ethical human beings. All performers are volunteers and have not been paid.




Okay, that should be all you need to know other than some of the cast names will be highlighted which will provide a link to their professional profiles where you can find out more about your favourite actress or actor and see samples of their previous work. Should you wish to contact any of the cast members, please email us at:






Alrighty then, here they are (listed in the order of submission)

Click on the title to take you to the viewing page


'Inside SoDDit: The Naked Truth'

Politics, passion and power: a provocative exposé..!

'Coming to a Head'

When a relationship goes beyond the pail.... straight talking comes up 'Trumps’

'Grandad's Millions'

Young Ed Baliem is set to inherit millions from his Grandad but a bizarre set of Will wishes could result in him inheriting nothing and losing everything...

'The Cowells in Lockdown'

In the midst of a global pandemic and coming to terms with their parents marriage breakdown, a family get more than they bargained for when their technophobic mother embraces technology to broaden her horizon. 

'The Practice'

A perfectly normal day at a perfectly ordinary veterinary clinic...




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