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About Audere

We believe that all creatives hate to be confined and restricted.  None of us like to feel ‘controlled.’


That is why we set up Audere.  


We know that the vast majority of actors and performers have many other commitments outside their desired art form.  Be it a day-job, child or family care, or just keeping down the expenditure of expensive fuel costs and public transport.


We appreciate that it may not always be possible to drop everything at a moment’s notice to travel the length and breadth of the country and we know how it feels to do that for something that might be of no relevance to your planned career path. Why would you?


We can empathise with the struggle of being a working actor or performer.  We’ve been there!


Audere is different.  Audere provides clients with the control over what they’re sent for and when.  We work with you to get you to where you want to be in your chosen genre.  There’s no penalty for turning down something that you don’t want to do or, for whatever reason, can’t.  There’s no time clause in our contract.  We want you to stay with us because you ‘want’ to, not because you ‘have’ to.  And, if you decide to leave, we’ll do all we can possible to make the transition seamless. We’re mature minded and open.


Are you interested?  If so, please read on…


We’ve compiled a list of FAQs that might help you learn more about us:


Do I have to be Spotlight registered to be considered? Yes.


Do you take commission for work I find for myself? No.  You did all the leg-work getting the gig so the money’s yours!


Can I be registered with more than one Agency? Yes and No!  We are happy for you to have a specialist Agent (voiceover etc) but if you are signed as an actor – then we insist on being your sole UK Agent.

What do I have to do to join?  Contact us by email only: containing a link to your Spotlight profile.  Your profile must contain a show reel and recent good quality industry standard headshots.  Please note that your application will not proceed further without these essential items.  Once we’ve reviewed your material you may be asked to attend for an audition and interview. This may be a self taped audition or could take place in either London or Glasgow. You will be expected to be fully prepared for your audition and interview on the designated dates. Only after this process has been completed may you be offered a place on our books. Everyone must go through the same process. We make no exceptions.


What can I expect at my audition and interview?  We expect you to treat it professionally by being fully prepared.  You will be sent a script to prepare prior to your appointment date.  We expect you to be off-book and to have an opinion on the scene and character that you are portraying.  If you are attending for a face-to-face audition, we will provide you with a reader for your scene and your audition will be recorded. We will ask you about your career to-date and why you want to join Audere (amongst many other things).  We will expect to see commitment to your continuous professional development by attending workshops, classes or courses as well as being ‘Industry-savvy’ commensurate with your experience.

What else do you look for when considering new clients?  We expect all 'Auderians' to commit to the Values that have been developed by the Audere community.  Please visit 'What it means to be Auderian' by clicking this link.


What if I’m just starting out or have recently graduated? That’s fine.  We all start somewhere!


How may I contact you?  Email is usually the most convenient means of communication, at least initially.  Please do not telephone to apply and please also ensure that you are fully prepared before you do submit yourself for consideration.


Are you ready?

Email us at:

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