The Corona Collaboration Challenge IV

'The Never Ending Lockdown'

Sunday 8th February 2021

Welcome back to The Corona Collaboration Challenge IV. 


Following on from yesterday's brainstorming session; teams have been assembled and general agreements have been reached.  For the sake of clarity, please find the rules and guidelines below:


RULES (cannot be bent or broken!)

1.  Each project should last no more than 15 minutes. Anything submitted that exceeds the 15 minutes allowance will be ineligible for voting and will not be included in any other subsequent Audere showcase or festival.

2.  All participants must have equal 'on-camera' exposure (give or take 10 seconds).  Voice over is considered as exposure provided it is relevant to the character.


3.  Each project must contain ALL of the following:

a) One reference to Donald Trump.

The reference need not be explicit (i.e. a background picture will suffice).

b) One character 4th wall glance.

One character at an appropriate time, will acknowledge the audience via a glance (but must not speak directly to the audience). Only one character can do this in the entire production and may only do so, once.

c) The explicit use of a chosen prop in plain sight.  

The prop must be handled and passed from once character to another, at least once. The prop must be a bucket

d) The explicit use of a spoken piece of dialogue

One character must use the line, "You wouldn't want that in your eye."

GUIDELINES (are here to advise and assist)


1.  Each project should include at least one light-hearted moment.  A light-hearted moment is defined as something funny or heart warming.


2.  Each participant is allowed to invite another external cast member to join their respective team.  The invited cast member need not be a professionally trained or experienced performer however, once they are added to the cast they must adhere to the same level of exposure as every other cast member (see Rule 2 above).


KEY DATES FOR DIARIES (can be subject to change but only in exceptional circumstances via Audere Talent Management)


1. All final submissions must be sent to by no later than 23rd March 2021 at 5pm


2.  Voting will commence soon after the submission deadline and will close on  28th March 2021 at 5pm

3.  Awards Ceremony (for Auderians and invited guests) will take place on Friday 2nd April 2021 at 7pm. 

Any questions, you know what to do.

With love and luck...

KC & Jamie xx


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