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Auderians are...


They possess the power of resilience and the capacity to keep going; overcoming obstacles and barriers at times when they are weakest. They possess the power of belief that "it can be done" when everyone else retreats. They are grounded, agile, bold and fearless; living steadfastly in the moment. They persevere and take action in fulfilment of their purpose. 

Auderians act with...


They are consistently principled, live by their true values and will do the right thing even at the expense of personal gain. They deliver on their obligations and fight for truth, fairness and equality.

Auderians show that they...


They possess a healthy consideration for others and themselves. They strive to give so that others may benefit; working empathetically and with compassion at all times.  They are community-spirited and generous; creating safe, supportive reassuring environments in which others can be expressive.


Auderians live by the principle of...


They are open, clear and clean communicators.  They believe that transparency is crucial and reciprocal.  They believe that feedback is essential for progression and is always given with the best intent. They are always truthful to themselves and to others; believing that honesty is the essential cornerstone to successful relationships. 

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