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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To become the most demanded and respected talent agency, known for changing the Industry for the betterment of all.


Our Mission


To provide a professional and equitable platform for all performers to succeed.



Our Values


We believe in facing adversity and welcome it as a necessary means to an end.  We are AUDACIOUS and DARING!  We aim to professionalise all suitable UK Talent Agents by playing a leading part in initiating and creating a chartered register under which all chartered accredited agents must operate.  We do this to safeguard all performers and the Agent-profession as a whole.  We want to rid the industry of miscreants and charlatans; those who through desire or default use and abuse their position of trust and their associated influence over others.



We believe that everyone on our books is equal and is represented fairly and consistently. We will operate with the highest levels of integrity at all times.  We will carry out our duties in the service of those whom we represent and conduct business with, to the highest standard.  We will do all that we can to create opportunities for all.



We believe that our client’s needs and wellbeing must come first, always. We understand that representing artists is a privilege not ever to be taken for granted. 



We believe in honesty and transparency across all levels of our business.  We will ‘talk-straight’ at all times whenever we communicate with clients or in any dealings with third parties.

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